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My name is Tomi Lundqvist and I'm the founder and owner of Barbell Rebel. Late 2016 I launched my first collection of fitness jewelry - something I've been thinking about for a long time and now have made a reality!
Just like you, I like to work out. In particular, Crossfit. I like the exercises, I like the challenges and I like the community in the box.

When I, at the start of my training, achieved extraordinary efforts, I rang the PR bell with pride.

The high in achieving a set goal still makes me proud and excited today. To land a heavy snatch, make a good time on Fran RX or force a par wod together with a training mate, really gets the adrenaline pumping. I´m feeling satisfied with what I have achieved and share my successes with my friends and comrades in the box.

From this sense of pride, the idea was born to design jewelry that also outside the box could remind me of my great passion, my set goals and the challenges I face. The pride of telling what and who I am for yet uninvited - through my jewelry. The reward of hard work.

I hope you´ll feel the same wearing a piece of Barbell Rebel.

Be Barbellous!

/Tomi Lundqvist



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