The Burpee exercise:

Stand straight, feet at shoulder width. Go down to a squat position very quickly. As soon as you reach the squat position, quickly thrust out your legs and bring your arms down so you’re in a pushup position. Do a pushup. Quickly bring your legs back in and get back into the squat position. Jump as high as you can, and once you land, get back into a squat position and repeat the steps above.

ø11mm. All our jewelry comes with an elastic standard cord in black. Why cord? It´s convenient! Stays on throughout the WOD, dries up quickly after shower and is barbellously adjustable according to your preferences - loose or tight? (ø2,0mm).

Burpee Token

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  • Our jewelry is forged, coated, painted and tumbled. Therefor it has bruises, scratches and marks - like all of us going through life.

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