To execute a clean, grasp the barbell just outside your legs. Once the barbell is above your knees, extend explosively, raise the bar as high as possible before quickly dropping into a squat and receive it in a "racked" position in front of your neck and resting on your shoulders. To complete the clean, stand, propel the bar upward from your shoulders slightly as the erect position is attained and shift your grip slightly wider and your feet slightly closer together in preparation for the jerk.

ø19mm. All our jewelry comes with an elastic standard cord in black. Why cord? It´s convenient! Stays on throughout the WOD, dries up quickly after shower and is barbellously adjustable according to your preferences - loose or tight? (ø2,0mm).

Bracelet Clean Pendant

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  • Our jewelry is forged, coated, painted and tumbled. Therefor it has bruises, scratches and marks - like all of us going through life.

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